MultiOmic Health Open Positions

Senior Molecular Biologist

We are looking for a motivated and talented senior molecular biologist to join our AIDD team at MultiOmic Health!

MultiOmic Health is an AI-enabled drug discovery (AIDD) company dedicated to chronic multi-factorial diseases, with an initial focus on the metabolic syndrome-related conditions. We partner with research institutions, healthcare providers and healthtech companies to source de-identified patient data and samples. Drawing upon these carefully selected data sources, MultiOmic’s MOHSAIC® platform combines integrative multi-omics analysis and computational systems biology modeling with targeted wet laboratory experiments to originate novel precision therapeutic concepts. MultiOmic subsequently partners with established biopharma companies to take its therapeutic concepts into global clinical trial programs and market the ensuing medicines. Its experienced leadership team blends commercial, technical and operational expertise from across the pharma, systems biology and AI/big data arenas.


  • Work closely with our Study Operations Team to develop the design of our retrospective and prospective observational (clinical) studies
  • Work closely with our Computational Biology Team to:
    • Interpret and verify the biological relevance of their in silico modeling outputs
    • Improve the parameterization and completeness of their computational models
    • Design and supervise bespoke & targeted wet lab (in vitro, ex vivo, in vivo) experiments to support the two activities above
  • Find, evaluate and collaborate with the network of outsourced providers (academia, CROs) who will perform the bespoke & targeted wet lab experiments that you specify (or jointly specify with the provider)


  • You’re a postdoc or a recent PhD experienced in the molecular biology of diabetic complications or chronic kidney disease
  • You have experience interpreting and using (a) omics data, preferably multiple modalities beyond exome-based mutations, (b) clinical and laboratory diagnostics information from real patients
  • You have experience in planning, conducting and analyzing the results of in vitro and ex vivo experiments
  • Excellent communication skills (data visualization, written and spoken communication within and outside the organization)
  • You’re open to a flexible, dynamic, frequently-changing operating environment. You like to work and engage with other professionals with different skillsets, both within and outside your organization
  • Our team operates remotely but meets frequently. Ideally you should be living in the UK London-Oxford-Cambridge triangle or within easy reach of Vienna (Austria) or Munich (Germany).


  • Our hiring process consists of an evaluation of your CV followed by an interview process
  • We start with an initial interview, and if successful there will be two additional interviews, all with the team members you will be working with. Following these interviews, our CEO will conduct a final interview and make the decision. We may ask for additional interviews on a case-by-case basis
  • You may be asked to perform an exercise involving: (1) scientific paper review, (2) data visualization and (3) experiment design, to be completed within 48 hours after the 2nd or 3rd interview
  • Position is available as of January 2023.
  • To apply, please send an email containing a CV and cover letter to



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