We help founders build enduring companies.

HOF Capital

At HOF Capital, we are focused on supporting the world’s most brilliant, ambitious, and mission-driven founders — founders who are determined to improve the future of humanity through technological innovation while building massive, enduring companies that bring such innovation to market.

It is in large part due to such founders that we now have the fortune of living in the most prosperous era in human history. Technological innovation has led to dramatic improvements in information sharing, education, manufacturing, transportation, food production / distribution, public health, and medicine, resulting in the highest average quality of life (whether measured by average life expectancy, GDP per capita, human development index, etc.) that we have ever experienced as a human race.

If history serves as a reliable guide, the pioneers and providers of the most profound innovations today will be recently-founded, for-profit companies that build upon new technology platforms to create value for their customers. In the same way that the Internet enabled Alibaba to empower millions of businesses around the world, and smartphones enabled Uber to redefine transportation for hundreds of millions of people worldwide, the new technological advancements being made today will enable the creation of a new generation of transformational businesses that will vastly improve the lives of the 7B+ people on this planet. Furthermore, the category leaders among this new generation will not only create tremendous value for humanity, but also capture unprecedented economic value, eventually growing to become the next tech giants.

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