Multiomic is a next-generation precision medicine business, applying computational systems biology to develop  and commercialize data assets for metabolic syndrome — the world’s largest healthcare burden. Think of us as a Freenome for metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of closely-related diseases (cardiovascular, diabetes, non-alcoholic liver, obesity) sharing common risk factors—costing the healthcare system $1 trillion in the US alone (forecast >$3 trillion by 2035), with 11x the number of patients worldwide. It is a 10x larger market than oncology, yet attracts only 40% of the VC dollars.

Multiomic is developing unique multi-omics data assets. Data will
be gathered from own regulator-standard clinical studies plus collaborations. This data will directly lead to precision systems medicine models and composite multi-omics biomarkers for metabolic syndrome.

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